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Eucalyptus Blossom Organic Honey


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This fair trade organic honey comes from an agricultural cooperative "Puebla Apicola" in the north of Uruguay. In Europe, eucalyptus is primarily known as a food plant for koalas, but in fact it has made its triumphant advance around the world as a fast-growing woody species.

Many people appreciate eucalyptus honey as a slightly sweet variety without a clear eucalyptus or menthol taste*. The consistency of honey ranges from creamy to solid and is therefore particularly suitable as a spread for bread and pastries.

*Customers who are actually looking for a menthol flavor in their honey should use pure lime honey, or do as some Scandinavian beekeepers do and flavor the honey with a little mint liqueur.

125 g eucalyptus organic honey at EUR 3.50 each; Basic price 1 kg = EUR 28.00)

Manufacturer: EZA Fairer Handel GmbH, Salzburg.
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