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Met (sparkling á la champagne; remaining stock)

Mieli Thun

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promotional price! The Thun beekeeping is at home in the small town of Ton, not far from Thun Castle in Trentino, at the foot of the Dolomites. The beekeeping is already being run in the 4th generation and it is known for its top-class honey. The beekeeper Andrea Paternoster ( † April 18, 2021 at the age of 54 after a car accident) worked as a migrant beekeeper, trained other beekeepers and restaurateurs and cooperated with universities in order to be able to achieve the highest possible quality in honey and beekeeping. Migration with bees means that bee colonies have to be moved to different locations at flowering time. In Italy, the locations are often far away and range from Sicily to Sardinia and up into the Alps. Today, the beekeeping is continued by the family, especially by his daughter. In the spirit of the father, tradition, craftsmanship and quality are the top priorities.

This sparkling mead is special in every respect. The name already suggests that. "Esuberante" means exuberant, lively and boisterous in Italian. This means the sparkling temperament of this mead. The apiary ferments its own honey twice. The first fermentation takes place with mountain blossom honey, partially fermented grape must (in Austria one would call it "Sturm") and spring water in a tank. For the second fermentation, the mead is bottled, heather honey is added, and the bottles are left to age at the right temperature for over a year. This second stage converts the residual sugar contained in the mead into alcohol, so that secondary fermentation in the bottle is impossible. For this reason, the beekeeping works without sulfites (unsulphured wine). In total, the sparkling mead takes 27 months to mature before the bottles are allowed to be sold. You'll taste the great effort of beekeeping with every sip, cheers!

Vol.Alc. 12.5%
0.9 g / liter residual sugar
Pressure 7 bar in the bottle
Current vintage on sale: 2018

0.75 l bottle EUR 49.00, basic price per liter = EUR 65.33

Manufacturer: Mieli Thun, Italy
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