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Thank you for 4,000 online orders 😊

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

It almost got lost in the many customer packages. We have a small anniversary to celebrate because we had our 4,000th online order yesterday. Wow, that's a lot!

A small shop in the middle of Vienna specializing in honey can still achieve a lot. If you assume an average of 4 kg per package, that's 16 tons of shipping weight.

The figure of 4,000 does not include orders placed by phone or by email. Customers who have been shopping in the store regularly for 8 years are also not included. It is actually just the volume of orders placed in the webshop.

The standard order comes from Austria, a large part of it from the suburbs around Vienna and the rural areas. Among the federal states, orders from Styria and Upper Austria are common. Orders from Tyrol are also noticeable. It is highly likely that Tyrolean customers do not want honey, but rather honey-containing drinks.

Every 5th order goes abroad. The most frequent orders come from Germany, and there is a particular demand for honey from Austria. Forest honey is at the top of the list. Less frequent but still regular orders are from Switzerland and many other EU countries. Products from the Welthonig online shop are particularly popular in places where honey is expensive (Sweden, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark).

We are very happy about the 4,000th anniversary and we are already working on reaching the next 4,000. We would like to say a big thank you to all our customers - no matter where they live - for their trust and their orders!