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Be careful, phishing emails are circulating!

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

There are currently emails circulating that claim to come from Welthonig. Behind this are dubious email addresses, very often from Gmail accounts. In these emails you will be asked to provide data, click a link or open a zip file. Do not do that!

We do not send these emails and ask you not to open any files or attachments or follow links that cannot be clearly assigned to Welthonig. It is best to delete the email and, if in doubt, you can also contact us.

How do you recognize dubious emails? With a little common sense and a simple check, you can recognize phishing emails.

  • If you click on the sender in the header, you will see where the email really comes from
  • If you look at the date you will see whether it is correct or not
  • If you recognize missing umlauts in the text, then the email will not have been sent by us either (keyboards in other languages ​​do not have umlauts, e.g. in Southeast Asia other characters are used)
  • If you have no connection with us, then there is no reason to take any action