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Postal special price for parcel shipping

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

After the prices in the mail order business have constantly risen over the last 2 years, there is now a relaxation and a special price for parcel shipping for the first time. The Austrian Post surprisingly grants a high discount on parcel shipping if you self-frank using a parcel stamp. Maybe it's because private providers like GLS and DPD are becoming more and more important; maybe the postal service also recognizes that the last price increase in July was too exaggerated. Or the post office has other good reasons to reduce the price.

In any case, there are reduced postal shipping costs within Austria during the promotional period until October 31, 2023. And we take the liberty of taking advantage of this promotion and passing this price advantage on to you. For this reason, we have reduced our standard tariff from EUR 6.49 to EUR 5.69.

The price for postal shipping includes the transport of the goods to the recipient's address. The parcel boxes or parcel shops often used by private individuals only come into play when the postal delivery person has not found anyone at the recipient address. In this case, a notification will be left that the package should be picked up at a post office.

The period until the end of October is certainly no coincidence, as the Christmas business traditionally begins afterwards. A major revenue generator for many areas and industries.

You will automatically receive the promotional price when checking out on welthonig.at if you choose the postal delivery option. We hope you enjoy the selected honey products from Welthonig in Vienna!