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That was our big mead tasting on January 20th, 2024

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Mead tasting with drinking horn

For the third time, mead friends have met at Welthonig to taste the large range of mead. Some guests who were already at our mead tasting in 2022 and 2023 were also happy to come back to our house.

As with previous mead events, Jürgen Piller, Burgenland beekeeper and creator of Eisenfaust mead, led the tasting again this time. He has many years of experience as a mead maker and has received numerous awards for his mead

In order to keep the excitement high, we have launched new types of mead. Met-Frizzante was also there for the first time, as were honey liqueurs, which were served as dessert.

The tasting opened with classic honey wine . Numerous varieties that only contain honey and water were well received by the guests. At the forefront of popularity was the Eisenfaust Met mentioned above, as well as the Thor Met Yellow Edition from Burgenland and the Viking Legend from Northern Germany.

Afterwards the visitors were able to try the fancy types of mead. In contrast to classic mead, these varieties use additional ingredients. Very popular in this category were the elderberry mead and the apple-cinnamon mead from Steyrerbräu , as well as the red Viking mead from Germany.

Jürgen Piller the creator of Eisenfaust Met

Finally there was Met-Frizzante to taste. There was even a variant with a honey-raspberry flavor. The Frizzante category was only partially successful with the guests.

At the very end there was the opportunity to try honey liqueurs. Bärenfang liqueur with apricot brandy and honey from Austria, as well as Ron Miel honey-rum liqueur from the Canary Islands and Bols Honey from Amsterdam were the liqueur favorites in this category.

After 3 rounds with different participants, the event ended in a cheerful atmosphere. The guests made their way home in a good mood and asked us to prepare another mead tasting.

We will be happy to fulfill this request for further events and we are already looking forward to the next event at Welthonig.