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Dropshipping and Resale

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

This post is aimed at influencers, gamers, personalities and everyone who has something to say on social media.

A TikTok user recently inquired about dropshipping . He was specifically concerned with Manuka honey, which he wants to offer on his channel. He plans to talk about the honey in short videos, tease his followers and accept orders in the web shop. He receives payment for the goods via instant payments via PayPal.

However, since he himself has neither a shop nor a warehouse or any other access to packaging and shipping options, we receive the customer data from him and take care of everything else. The data transfer takes place automatically via app or API interface. We pack the goods and send them by post on his behalf. Nothing indicates our involvement.

This whole process is called "dropshipping". It is a low-risk business that can be run by a marketeer (influencer) without much effort and with only a small investment. All he needs is a computer or laptop, a web shop, a camera with lighting and a cool ambience that is visible in the background of the stream.

Very popular categories for dropshipping are cosmetics from lipstick to skin cream. The products are shown and advertised in make-up tutorials. The problem with this is that one and the same lipstick is advertised by thousands of influencers. And this fierce competition means profit margins are shrinking. Logically, influencer x has to be cheaper than influencer y so that his followers don't cheat.

So far, however, nobody has come up with the idea of ​​honey and many other natural products in our global honey range. Profit margins of over 20% are realistic and ensure a full cash register for the influencer.

The calculation could look like this (serves for illustration):

Product X is offered to 50,000 followers via TikTok, Instagram and Twitch and every 1000th follower orders it. That's 50 orders during the stream and with a profit of 20 euros per order, the influencer earns 1,000 EUR that day. Assuming that posts, streams and similar products are featured 5 times a week, the till will ring at EUR 5,000 every week.

This is not the turnover, but the gross profit before taxes and duties!

You are welcome to inquire about suitable dropshipping products in our shop and apply as a marketer if you are interested. If you don't have a web shop yet, we can help you with our know-how.

We check the application, check the channels (TikTok, Twitch, Youtube, Insta, etc. ...) and give the green light so you can get started quickly.

Ps: Beekeepers who want to expand the range in addition to their own products are also welcome to get in touch. You can install additional products in your web shop or take them to markets and events as a direct marketer.