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Express same day delivery

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Dear Viennese, from Monday you can have online orders delivered to your home the same day. This is useful when things have to go fast. Prerequisite is the order from Monday to Friday until 2.30 p.m. and Saturday until 12 p.m. Unfortunately, punctual delivery for later order times cannot be guaranteed, since the goods have to be packed in the shop and the courier service has to pick them up first.
Parcels up to a maximum of 10 kg are possible. This will also be enough for large quantities, including 8 bottles of mead for a birthday party, or up to 12 x 500 g honey for a hotel.
When checking out, please note that an online payment is made, i.e. prompt payment by card or PayPal, and that you provide the telephone number. The courier needs this to notify the delivery.
Prices 10 or 15 EUR flat rate, depending on whether the delivery is to be made inside or outside the Guertel (Brigittenau is of course inside the Guertel).
Shipping by post and the option of picking up in store will remain the same as before.