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Fresh Manuka honey has arrived in Vienna

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Today fresh Manuka honey was delivered from New Zealand. We obtain the Manuka directly from the New Zealand house without intermediaries to avoid counterfeiting.
All Manuka strengths and sizes are now in stock again. Everything is available from MGO 100+ to MGO 1,000+. And at Manuka we can offer really good deals, among other things
  • there is a Manuka book, 128 pages, free with purchase and additional
  • there is a free upgrade for MGO 400+ Manuka 250g. Instead of the standard box, Welthonig offers the Manuka box with a wooden spoon for the same price
  • And finally, we also have the Limited Edition MGO 1,000+ in stock again

Offers are valid until stocks are gone!

Interested parties who would like to see details about Manuka honey will find the right information on the product page.