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Happy Easter, big discounts 🐰 [ended]

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Easter basket with honey

We wish you a happy Easter and honey-sweet prizes . There are high discounts for online orders, staggered depending on the number of items ordered. When you order online you can count on the following discounts until the end of the Easter holidays:

  • 3% Easter discount from 3 items in your shopping cart
  • 5% Easter discount from 5 items in your shopping cart
  • 10% Easter discount from 10 items in your shopping cart

You can add 3 or more items of a single item to the shopping cart, or you can also add one or two items of multiple items to the shopping cart. The online shop recognizes your claim in both cases and automatically deducts the discount from the purchase price at checkout .

During checkout you will see the discount displayed in orange font on the right.

For example, you could combine 1 jar of forest honey from beekeeper A with 2 jars of flower honey from beekeeper B and get a 3% discount. Drinks and cosmetics are also eligible for the New Year's discount.

Ultimately, all that remains to be said is that we are offering this honey-sweet Easter discount until Easter Monday, April 1st, 2023. Afterwards, the regular prices in the online shop apply again.

Picking up from the store is free, GLS shipping within Austria only costs EUR 5.75, shipping to Germany only costs EUR 13.75 and customers in Switzerland can pay directly in CHF without having to change. Customers in Canada and the USA can also pay directly in their local currency CAD / USD without any exchange fees on the credit card.

Please note: The honey shop in Vienna remains closed during Holy Week (= calendar week 13). The discount campaign is unaffected and orders will be processed reliably after we return.

We wish you a happy Easter!