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Buy Greek honey

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Buy honey from Greece

Greek honey is considered by many honey fans to be the best honey in the world . With its numerous islands and different habitats, Greece offers perfect conditions for beekeepers and their honey bees. In addition, there are many hours of sunshine and a mild winter, so that several honey harvests a year are possible.

A nomadic way of life seems to be particularly interesting for beekeepers. We have seen families commuting back and forth between bee sites with the bees on the truck. Depending on the season, you go to an island or back to the mainland.

Exactly such a migratory beekeeper we thought of to import Greek honey for Austria. Mr. Mourikis is the manager of 2,500 bee colonies and takes care of his protégés on the mainland as well as on the Peloponnese and on the Greek islands. With ferry and truck he goes with the bees as field pack to the best bee locations in order to be able to harvest the top quality honey. We are very proud to be able to present you this excellent honey from the Mouriki beekeeping in Austria.

  • Thyme Honey from Galaxidi (some know of the nearby Delphi Oracle)
  • Pine honey from the island of Thassos
  • Oak honey from Evrytania (a mountainous region in central Greece with no railway, no airport, really isolated from the rest of the world)
  • Fir honey Mount Elikonas in the region of Boeotia (also central Greece)
  • Reiki honey from Halkidiki (heather honey)
  • and the honey that the beekeeper is most proud of: honey from Milos

The beekeeper has already received several awards for his honey, including platinum and gold at competitions in London and Athens.

So that you can test for yourself whether it is the best honey, we have many types of honey in our range, from small 250 g to larger 450 g to very large 940 g jars. Even a small gift set with 3 small types of honey and a gift box is included.

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