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Honey Advent calendar from Styria

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

We are happy to have received the very first advent calendar 2022 from the beekeeper. This year again, the Styrian Neber family is making the great eye-catchers for Advent with their own honey. Since the beekeeping is organically certified, the types of honey are of course also organic . The beekeeper fills 23 x 50 g honey for the advent calendar and 1 x 250 g for Christmas Eve. In total, that's a proud 1.4 kg of honey from Austria and in all possible and impossible varieties that our country has to offer. Among other things, there are forest honey, acacia honey, alpine rose honey, chestnut honey and many other variants.

But the honey only becomes a real Advent calendar through the clever arrangement, because each honey jar is numbered from 1 to 24, so that honey fans can open and taste a new honey every day during Advent.

In addition, the organic honey is nicely arranged on a large plate and wrapped with foil and a bow. The beekeeping has 4 basic colors in the program this year: gold, silver, red and black. The black version was sold out after a short time.

Since every advent calendar is made by hand , we strongly advise you to order in good time. We know from the last few years that there are almost no advent calendars left after mid-November. If you want to take a closer look at the honey advent calendar, or even want to place an order, you can follow the following link to the online shop. Link to the advent calendar -> https://welthonig.at/products/adventkalender-vom-steirischen-imker-mit-24-honigsorten