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Honey chili squash in a salad

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

We received and presented the delicatessen from the Tietjen beekeeping. So what could be more obvious than testing one of the delicatessen products yourself. For tonight's dinner we took the diced honey chili pumpkin home and prepared a salad.

In truth, we used everything that was available in the fridge: eggs, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, onions, allspice and red peppers. We cut the ingredients into bite-sized pieces and garnished them with the honey-chilli pumpkin. It was super quick, easy and tasted great!

The spiciness of the chili coupled with the sweetness of the honey dominate the raw food, so that sugar, salt and vinegar can be dispensed with. Only a dash of olive oil refined the dish.

Since there is still honey-chili pumpkin left, we will serve it with camembert and baguette tomorrow.

Conclusion: We are thrilled, it tasted great. The pumpkin goes perfectly with Mediterranean cuisine and light summer dishes. We are very happy to have brought this delicatessen to Vienna!