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Honey around the clock (closed on June 19, 2023)

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

One door closes and another door opens!

Shop with vending machines

This is how you could describe the changes in world honey these days. As is well known, the honey shop in downtown Vienna will be closed forever from April 1, 2023. After 7 eventful years, we are giving up the location and concentrating on modern sales channels. Among other things, online trading is being expanded via the web shop and social media, and we are also using the modern infrastructure of vending machine shops .

Shop 24/7

The vending machine trend seems to have spread from other metropolises like Amsterdam to Vienna. At several locations across the city, new shops are being built that only consist of vending machines . No annoying salesman, no unnecessary conversations with employees, no waiting for the next available checkout. Everything is self-service at the vending machine and Welthonig is there with a small but fine range.

We thought about which products and locations would add value for our target group and came to the conclusion that we want to offer honey products in the vending machines in 3 different parts of the city.

Starting in April, you can buy World Honey products 24/7, even on Sundays and public holidays, at the following locations:

Alladean Automaten Shop, Judengasse 1a, 1010 Vienna : In the side bar of our old honey shop, we offer Manuka honey MGO400+, Majoy Manuka MGO50+, chewing gum containing caffeine, melatonin drops and easy-to-use pregnancy tests, especially for the young public. View location on Google Maps .

Alladean Automaten Shop, Favoritenstrasse 76, 1100 Vienna : In the pedestrian zone at the corner of Huppgasse, very close to the main train station, we offer Manuka sweets, Manuka honey MGO250+ and Majoy Manuka MGO50+. View location on Google Maps .

Alladean Automaten Shop, Doningasse 12, 1220 Vienna : Manuka sweets, Manuka honey MGO250+ and Majoy Manuka MGO50+ are available directly at the U1 station Kagraner Platz. View location on Google Maps .

We continue to focus on quality and class instead of mass. We remain loyal to our first-class brands such as Manuka Health from New Zealand and Majoy honey. The cooling of the machines also ensures the best quality throughout, because the products always remain fresh at just above zero degrees.

Alladean the vending machine specialist

On the one hand we know that these products are in high demand, on the other hand we accommodate our customers spatially. When driving home from the office, you can still take something from the machine and if there is an emergency, the machines are available around the clock. Even on Sundays, at 3 a.m., the brightly lit vending machine locations ensure safe, fast and inexpensive shopping.

Another advantage of this cooperation with Alladean is that the machines also take cash. Even if no card is included, the products can be purchased with euro bills. The payment terminals are positioned centrally and you dial the number of the machine from which a product is to be obtained. Then you select the product, pay for the transaction and wait for the lift to bring and hand out the product.

Modern shopping couldn't be better, safer, faster or cheaper , try it out, see for yourself and if the cooperation with the machines goes well, then we will make other products available in the Alladean stores.

The Welthonig team in Vienna wishes you lots of fun shopping