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Chestnut blossom in Vienna's Prater

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

The horse chestnuts in the Vienna Prater are in full bloom. Rotundenallee blooms in pink and Kaiserallee and Hauptallee bloom in white. Chestnuts are blooming a little later this year than in previous years because April was cold. Several beekeepers have apiaries around the green Prater and at times they can harvest rare horse chestnut honey. Whether pink or white blossoms makes no difference in the case of honey, and at times because of the fact that other honeybees that are of interest to the chestnut blossom are also flown, so that a pure single-variety honey is not always available. It is much more likely to be blossom honey with chestnuts, or just blossom honey at all.
Anyone who remembers chestnut honey as tart or bitter has certainly tried sweet chestnuts, as they are known from western Styria via South Tyrol down to Piedmont. But the honey from the horse chestnut is not tart, not bitter! It is pleasantly sweet, very soft in the finish, a really great honey for the whole family.
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