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No sugar for bees

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

At Welthonig in Vienna, the first beekeepers presented their fresh honey vintage 2021. We are particularly pleased about the good harvest from a young, up-and-coming beekeeper and his family in the Weinviertel. Apart from the fact that his honey jars are pure eye-catchers and the beekeeper's name "I LOVE YOU HONEY" is pure poetry, the best thing happens in the jar itself.

Stefan, the beekeeper, switched to a purely organic farm 2 years ago. Since then he has attached great importance to working with bees in a way that is close to nature . They are his partners, not livestock, and that's how he treats them so they can grow and thrive, bringing him top honey harvests on a regular basis.

You can't see the secret of how he does it from the outside. You have to look deeper into the hive to see that this beekeeper only uses organic honey, which his bees can easily replace. In and around Kettlasbrunn, where his 40 bee colonies live, he uses the vegetation to the particular advantage of the bees. Years ago he noticed that the last crop that the bees can fly to for nectar is the sunflower. There are plenty of them in the Weinviertel and it is a rich source of nectar until late August. He has now adjusted his timing with the beekeeper to the sunflower and he harvests his summer honey before the last sunflowers wither.

This means his bees have enough time after the honey harvest to get the winter supply of honey from the sunflowers . In a short time they collect up to 20 kg of sunflower honey, which remains as a food source for the winter . The 20 kilos of honey are enough for the Carnica bees until the plants bloom next spring.

With this elegant trick that means no stress for your bees, you can overwinter with your own honey . Completely without adding sugar water or syrup . Welthonig in Vienna supports natural beekeeping by selling I LOVE YOU HONEY honey. Most of the income goes to the beekeeper and his family. In this way, your purchase promotes a move away from industrial beekeeping towards ecologically sensible action for the benefit of humans and animals.

Link to the products of the I LOVE YOU HONEY beekeeping: https://welthonig.at/collections/i-love-you-honey