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Customer events in the pick-up shop

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

As many of you know, there has been a new warehouse in Rabenhof in Vienna's 3rd district since June. The warehouse also serves as a pick-up point for online orders. That means Click & Collect customers from Vienna can pick up their ordered goods there free of charge.

Product Test Honey Wine (Mead)

Even in the old shop on Hoher Markt there were events for customers in addition to the daily business. An experienced beekeeper usually led through the event and the focus was on classic bee products such as honey and mead. You could taste the products and test them for good taste.

In contrast to the old shop, the current new location consists of several separately accessible rooms. Therefore, the event area is smaller, more intimate than in the 1st district. Jürgen Piller was a guest at the Rabenhof yesterday. We asked him to check whether events would also be possible in the new restaurant.

And because Jürgen Piller, who by the way is the maker of the world-famous Eisenfaust Met , takes the matter seriously, he offered us to organize the first event himself in the fall . Known to be an expert in the production of honey wine, he will focus on the different types of mead.

A date has not yet been set, but we will draw attention to the event on social media in good time. There will be the opportunity to test various domestic and foreign honey wines and Jürgen Piller will tell anecdotes and stories about it. Anyone who has heard of the legendary mead tastings in the past, or should know the man from a medieval festival, knows what to expect at the event. We are really looking forward to it!