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Poppy honey & Co.

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

We opened the business 5 years ago. One of the first products was the poppy honey from the Gressl family in Ottenschlag. We can still remember the first phone call. An older woman, probably her grandmother, explained to us that she would definitely not go to Vienna and would certainly not be able to send anything. If we want to buy something, we have to drive there, so 110 km up to the Waldviertel and 110 km back. In April already with the summer tires on a snowy road at just over 0 degrees. Almost an adventure into a completely different world.
Despite the arduous path, we have remained true to the poppy seed products, to this day! And in fact we don't have to go there anymore. The packages come in the mail and we are very grateful for that!
What was in the packages today?
Fresh, creamy, fantastically good poppy seed honey (probably the best in the world!). Rye bread, butter on top, poppy-seed honey on top and a slice of Emmental cheese, just give it a try! Also included is the fruity poppy-apricot spread with Wachau apricot from Mühldorf. As a companion to the barbecue there is a fantastic poppy-honey-apple mustard. For the girls' evening or for baking there is chocolate and eggnog with poppy seeds and of course the original poppy seed brandy for dad should not be missing.
There should really be something good for all Waldviertel fans. Available from Welthonig at Hoher Markt, entrance Judengasse 1, 1010 Vienna, and of course also online on the website. Enter "poppy" in the search field to see the products.