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nutritional supplement

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

We have expanded the dietary supplements with another product from the bee colony: Royal jelly was delivered today and is now also available online.

This high-energy feed juice for the queen bee comes from Cum Natura's Black Forest beekeeping and is offered in organic quality. The product consists of 100% native royal jelly with no other ingredients. It comes frozen and needs to be refrigerated to keep it fresh and fresh for a long time. For this reason, we particularly recommend this product for Click & Collect customers who like to pre-order online and pick up the goods in store.

Postage is possible, but only with an interruption in the cold chain, so that the shelf life may be shortened or the high beekeeping quality could suffer.

This product is only eaten pure, regularly and with a small knife point. In the hive, only larvae are fed royal jelly, which will later grow into long-lived queen bees. All other worker bee larvae receive flower pollen and nectar for food.

Link to organic royal jelly