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New features on the World Honey website

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

The new website not only has a fresh design, but also new features. We find it particularly interesting that the stock level is visible for each product and that anyone interested can see exactly whether and how many units of the product have been sold.

This eliminates the need to ask by phone or email whether a special honey is in stock or not. Just look on the website and you'll be in the picture.

The offers on the Welthonig website have also been reorganized. If a product is marked as an offer, then it goes neatly into its own offer category with many other offers. This makes it easier to browse through the offers. Visually, each offer now has a small offer badge, so that they are easily recognizable even at a superficial glance.

Many other new features are hidden under the bonnet, which the user does not immediately notice, but which can actually drastically improve the shopping experience.

We hope you enjoy the new features!