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Price increases in recent weeks

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Everyone noticed: The prices are rising! Everywhere you look you now have to spend significantly more for the same service or the same product as you did a year ago. Unfortunately, not only the energy and fuel costs are affected, but also food and work equipment.

In our case, the elevated ones hit us Costs for packaging , cardboard boxes and fillers of all kinds in particular. We need packaging quite frequently as online orders have increased significantly due to COVID. In the area of ​​packaging, there are price increases of +30 to 40% and with hundreds of online orders that have to be packaged, this plays a huge role in the costs. Everyone can do the math for themselves: + 1 euro for a box with 1,000 online orders Additional costs of 1,000 EUR yearly.

For this reason, we decided to do so at short notice Free shipping to reconsider and we have now put the following regulation online. Will be free in Austria from an order value of 49.00 euros sent. Smaller orders below this order value pay 5.95 euros shipping costs (postage).

This new regulation of the shipping costs gives us the opportunity to refrain from nationwide price increases for our products for the time being. With a few exceptions, the product prices remain at the same level as last year! Exceptions are Manuka honey MGO400+, beeswax from Austria and propolis drops.

We hope that this measure will on the one hand absorb the additional costs and on the other hand we would like you to keep us busy with online orders. That would be the big request from us to you!