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Rose blossom in the Volksgarten

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Fans of fragrant roses are currently getting their money's worth. As every year, the rose bushes in the Viennese Volksgarten are in full bloom. Thousands of rose petals exude their delightful fragrance and boast of bright colors. From white to yellow and dark red to multicolored roses, everything is included again this year. A rush of the senses for eyes and nose!

If you want to take the splendor of roses home with you after visiting the Volksgarten and don't think of wilting flowers, you will find the unique and very aromatic acacia honey with rose blossoms in our house. This honey is unique in the world, because the beekeeper only uses honey from their own bees in organic quality and flowers from Damask roses are used for flavoring. They are bathed in honey in a sack for weeks, until the honey has taken on the full rose aroma and scent. That's all it takes, no flavors or additives!

As soon as you open the lid, this honey spreads its rose scent throughout the room, a real feast for every rose lover. The rose honey is available from the beekeeper in Sankt Lorenzen in Upper Styria, as well as in our world honey specialist honey shop in the center of Vienna . The honey is available from the farm at the same price as directly from the beekeeper!

Link to the honey product: https://welthonig.at/products/rosenhoni