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sanctions against Russia

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

We are all deeply affected by the events that triggered the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is currently difficult to find another topic or to ignore what is happening.

Now the war against Ukraine also has practical implications for us. Among other things, we were informed this morning by our payment partner that we can no longer accept means of payment with a Russian background. This applies in particular to popular credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard that were issued by a Russian bank. Mastercard has published a statement in English on this.

However, payment transactions with Russia were not only largely brought to a standstill in business, online payments should no longer be possible in the web shop if Russian payment methods are used.

Payments with Shop Pay, ApplePay and other wallets should also be impossible if credit cards from Russian banks have been deposited for them. It should look similar for PayPal payments . Unfortunately, we don't have any official information about it from there yet.

Our request to customers with Russian means of payment is therefore as follows: use alternative means of payment and/or cash to purchase goods in store and online in the web shop. If this is not possible for you, please contact your house bank to discuss how to proceed. Not only private customers (especially tourists) are affected, but also corporate customers and diplomats.

We thank you for your understanding and your friendly cooperation!