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Superfood from Austria

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Honey is already considered by many to be a superfood with positive properties for the mind and body. Now there are numerous beekeepers who regularly experiment with honey and try to top the properties by adding herbs and spices.

One of these prized spices is turmeric , also known as the yellow ginger plant and the main ingredient in curry . The Neber beekeeping is on the trail of turmeric and has combined an experimental honey with this spice. Some samples of organic cream honey from our own production with 10% turmeric were created.

Thousands of years ago, turmeric was administered in this way in India, Indonesia and China to cure diseases and strengthen human immunity. Recipes have been handed down in the Indian Ayurveda teachings and in the traditional Indonesian Jamu medicine. The latter is still offered today in small stalls on the streets of Jakarta.

In studies and clinical tests, attempts are made to confirm the claimed healing effects of turmeric and to discover positive effects for western medicine. Unfortunately, this rarely succeeds and many studies that were carried out in the laboratory cannot be extrapolated to humans. Nevertheless, the main component of turmeric, curcumin , plays an important role as a flavoring and coloring agent, and under certain conditions in the treatment of osteoarthritis, prevention of Alzheimer's, and reduction of inflammatory markers in arthritis.

Regardless of available studies, the enjoyment should not be forgotten and especially the combination with sweet honey seems to be an interesting superfood . Already at breakfast, a turmeric honey spread on bread and rolls can sweeten the day.

The Neber family gave us some samples of the experimental honey, which we are happy to pass on to customers. We offer everyone who orders traditional Neber honey from Styria from us or buys it in the shop a free glass of 250 g cream organic honey from Austria with 10% turmeric as a bonus.

Since only 5 honey turmeric jars are available, the promotion ends as soon as the mini stock is gone!

Link to the honey offer from the Neber beekeeping in Styria