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Sad news from Greece

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Unfortunately there is sad news from our beekeeper in Greece. The heavy rains a week ago not only caused great damage and suffering among the population, but also reached devastating proportions in agriculture. Our beekeeper - the Mouriki family - lost 700 bee colonies in the rain . This is an enormous amount of financial damage and cannot be repaired overnight. Even if insurance covers the material, measurable part of the damage, rebuilding the apiaries takes a lot of time, courage, energy and strength. In addition, the beekeeper can no longer fully meet the demand for his honey, so further damage can be expected as a result, including due to customers dropping out.

Maria is the beekeeper's wife and she is writing to us today in the following email:

..."Unfortunately we had major problems with the fluids as we lost 700 hundred bee colonies in the last disaster in Thessaly Region . We are now trying to recover the mess and of course we do not lose our faith and strength . We love bees and we will continue with more inner power."

As she writes, the Thessaly region in central Greece was particularly affected by the flood. She also reported about it on Instagram and published some shocking photos of the disaster.

Regardless of how long the reconstruction takes, we would like to continue working with the Mouriki family in the future and source their delicious honey from Greece. For this reason, we ask customers in Austria and Germany to prepare for a difficult supply situation and ask for your understanding if the next delivery takes a little longer than usual.

We wish all people affected by storms - regardless of where they live - a lot of strength and energy to be able to quickly rebuild their own existence!

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