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Door No. 20 of the World Honey Advent Calendar

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Today is December 20th and we open door no. 20 of the World Honey Advent Calendar 🎄
Behind it is a practical tool for all honey fans 😋. With a wooden honey extractor, liquid honey can be wonderfully portioned and taken out of the jar. Then rinse with warm water and it's ready for the next breakfast.
Today we are giving away 3 wooden honey takers to clever people who tell us how many centimeters the tool is long.
The 3 best guesses win!
Ps: Please only one estimate, one number, one posting per person, otherwise it will lead to chaos, thanks!
Rules of the game 📌: We open a door on Insta and FB every day and behind it there is a prize for participants aged 18 and over, who can either pick up the prize in store (no obligation to buy), or place an online order promptly, so that we can win the prize with the can send goods. The details were published on the World Honey website -> /blogs/news/spielbedingungen-fuer-virtualen-adventkalender
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