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Which honey is the best?

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Honey is not just honey. Already with the second glass of honey you will notice that it tastes different than the honey before. For this reason, people who eat honey regularly also have pronounced preferences as to which honey tastes good and which does not. Depending on which hive the bees have collected the nectar from, the taste ranges from sweet, flowery, fruity, tart, malty to really bitter.

It is best to get an idea of ​​the flavors for yourself and try as many types of honey as possible. We received a large honey atlas from a family of beekeepers in Piedmont (almost 2.5 kg in weight) and we can offer this atlas for the first time in Central Europe. It contains 18 different types of honey from the traveling beekeeper. So from a beekeeper who accepts pollination orders all over the country and wanders from flock to flock with his bees. The farmers get good harvests and high quality of the fruits by bee pollination and the beekeeper gets the honey. In this way, the honey atlas results all by itself.

This includes honey from cherries, oranges, acacia, spruce, etc. ... We have published the entire honey list in the Honey Atlas product . You will be able to detect clear differences between the individual varieties visually, sensory and in terms of taste and by trying them out you will find out your own personal favorite honey. We hope you enjoy trying the honey atlas!