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World Honey Advent Calendar, Door #11

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

We open door no. 11 of the World Honey Advent Calendar
Behind it is a completely new juice, AddictionTea in 4 bright variants: Lemon, Peach, Watermelon and Bubble Gum. All varieties are vegan! We looked in vain for it in the supermarket and not every retailer at AMZN delivers to Austria. So there you go, here is Suchttea Eistee with the funny faces especially for Austria 🇦🇹 and the surrounding area. If you want to win the complete set of 4 with 2 liters, you should now like and post with whom the vegan addiction tea is drunk. We'll check tomorrow morning and announce who won!
And so that we all have something from door no. 11, we are making an introductory price of EUR 1.39 for 0.5 l while stocks last. It will normally cost EUR 1.49 later.
Rules of the game: We open a door every day on Insta and FB and behind it there is a prize for participants aged 18 and over, who can either pick up the prize in store (no obligation to buy) or place an online order promptly, so that we can win the prize with the goods can send. Fans in Germany and Switzerland can also play. You are all welcome! The giveaway is not related to FB, Insta, or any other part of the meta universe! Prizes cannot be paid in cash and legal recourse is final.