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Who will say a, need to say b as well

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

We received a delivery of mead from the Mostviertel. Something seems to have gone wrong with the packaging of the goods, because the majority of the bottles have damaged labels.

They are either scratched or abraded or otherwise damaged. But since the contents of the bottles are 100% okay, it would be a shame to dispose of the mead.

For this reason we offer the mead as a B-goods, very classic with a high discount. For those who want to treat themselves to a mead, the offer with a 40% discount is great. However, the bottles are unfortunately not suitable as a gift and certainly not as a Christmas present.

A total of 8 bottles are available as B-Ware, 4 each of forest honey mead and elderberry mead. The offer is valid while stocks last!

Link to the Met with the damaged labels