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Wild Crocodiles from RAF Camora

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Update May 2nd, 2022: We are officially sold out and we will not be reordering any goods! The reason is that from summer the Wild Crocodile bottles will also be available in supermarkets across Austria (like in Germany already). So it makes no sense for us to order fresh goods because the risk is far too great that we will be stuck with it. The brief hype seems to be over!


Many rappers do it: they leave their music business and devote themselves to fashion and lifestyle products. This was already the case with the German rapper Haftzettel, the rapper Shirin David and the Ukrainian-German rapper Olexesh.

Now the Austro rapper RAF Camora is doing the same with his buddy Bonez MC . Both launch the beverage brand WILD CROCODILE. The PET bottles are designed in a crocodile look to match the crocodile theme. This not only looks cool, but also feels very good in the hand.

Rumors about their own beverage brand were already circulating last year. But fans of the rappers had to wait until now for the soft drinks to be launched. But now we can announce the fresh drinks. They are all alcohol-free and therefore youth-free. There is also a vodka version in a can, which we want to leave out for the start. At launch, we're concentrating on the adult versions of Wild Crocodile .

The following variants are available in Austria and Germany:

  • Wild Crocodile Tropical Orange 0.5L PET bottle
  • Wild Crocodile Crazy Lime 0.5L PET bottle
  • Wild Crocodile Exotic Cola 0.5L PET bottle
  • Wild Crocodile Smooth Berry 0.5L PET bottle

Anyone who wants to be there right from the start can now order their favorite drink online . The fresh goods can either be picked up in the shop in Vienna, or we will be happy to send the order by post.

We recently posted a video about the hot drinks in store right now. All trends are discussed, from SuchtTea to Püppi to Wild Crocodile.

We hope you enjoy the new Wild Crocodile Drinks!