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We have moved into a new company location

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

Office in Sterngasse, 1010 Vienna

We have changed our location and moved to an office. Not far from the old honey shop in the Judengasse, to be more precise, in the next cross street, we have found our domicile.

The new address is Welthonig eU, Sterngasse 3/2/6, 1010 Vienna.

This house is a historically interesting building, above the Theodor Herzl staircase. Many Viennese know Sterngasse from the giant Roman blocks at the foot of the stairs, or from the prominently placed Turkish Sphere from 1683, or from the bars in the Bermuda Triangle, or from the English Bookshop on the other side of the street.

From now on, please use the new address for your letters.