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Sales tax in the EU since July 1st, 2021

Within the European Union there has been a change in the handling of sales tax in online trade since July 1st . The change affects in particular trade with consumers (that is, private individuals, consumers).

In concrete terms, the change means that the sales tax must now be offset by the country of destination. The country of destination is the country to which the goods are to be delivered. This applies to all EU online retailers with a volume of more than 10,000 euros per year.

The company Welthonig in Vienna is a retail business and operates this online shop as an additional sales channel. Due to the previous sales in the online business, we are now obliged to apply the new sales regulation.

For this reason, you will now find different sales tax rates for one and the same product, depending on which EU country the delivery is to take place in.

Examples: For an Austrian private customer, 10% sales tax for honey remains. For the same honey, a private customer from Malta and Ireland sees a zero tax rate and a private customer from Denmark sees 25%. For Germany, the 7% tax rate applies, etc. ...

We have researched and recorded all tax rates properly and conscientiously, but mistakes can always happen. For this reason we ask you - especially in the beginning - if you notice anything on the subject, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Welthonig's EU-OSS tax number is 128278652.