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Arctic honey from the Arctic Circle (world's northernmost honey)

Hanse Honig

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Introductory price 18.95 EUR! On this website you will see rarely offered varietal honey from Lapland. The vegetation in the Arctic Circle only has a short time to develop and the bees have to perform at their best to collect the nectar from flowers and herbs during the short flowering phase from June to August. For this reason, beekeepers in the far north also keep a different breed of honey bee than in Central Europe, namely the much more frugal and very resilient dark bee (Apis mellifera mellifera). It is smaller than a standard Carnica honey bee and better adapted to harsh climate conditions.

At times we can offer you arctic honey in the following variants:

  • Arctic cloudberry blossom honey: This extremely rarely offered honey comes from the town of Ranua in southern Lapland. This Nordic type of berry does not occur in Austria and Switzerland, as well as in southern and central Germany. The cloudberry is best known as an image on Finnish 2 euro coins and as an iconic symbol of Lapland. The type of berry only grows to a low height and the fruits are visually reminiscent of blackberries. The honey itself is bright and clear. It is sweet as blossom honey should be and it crystallizes quickly in the glass
  • Arctic Cranberry Blossom Honey: This exotic varietal honey comes from an apiary near Sodankylä in central Lapland. Unlike cloudberries, which are native to meadows, cranberries grow on the forest floor, often protected by bushes and trees. Although the forest floor is sometimes densely covered with cranberries, the beekeeper cannot count on a bountiful harvest every year. Unfortunately, total failures caused by weather are common. The honey itself has the typical coloring of flower honey. It is clear and liquid after harvest, but it crystallizes quickly in the glass.
  • Arctic blueberry blossom honey: The blueberry is better known as blueberry in Central Europe. The wild form prefers northern and shady places. It feels very comfortable in species-poor regions and in coniferous forests. The wild berry variety has almost nothing in common with our berries from the supermarket. This honey comes from bees that live on the shores of Lake Orajärvi. The deserted area in Eastern Lapland is the ideal breeding ground for lush blueberry growth. Like many other types of honey, blueberries crystallize quickly in the glass. The taste is delicate, sweet with a hint of caramel and should satisfy even the most sophisticated palate.
  • Arctic Lapland flower honey: This honey comes from an apiary beyond the Arctic Circle. It is probably the northernmost point on earth where bees can still be kept. Due to the very short vegetation and the harsh climate, the beekeeper can expect an annual yield of only around 2 kg of honey (!) per colony. Nothing more is possible at this latitude. This makes Lapland honey probably the northernmost honey in the world and at the same time one of the rarest types of honey.

70 g in a glass at EUR 20.50 each; Basic price 100 g = EUR 29.29

Manufacturer: Hanse Honig, Germany and Sweden

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