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Arctic Honey from the Arctic Circle

Hanse Honig

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Rarely offered single-variety honey from Lapland. The vegetation in the Arctic Circle only has a short time to develop and the bees have to do their best to collect the nectar from flowers and herbs during the short flowering period from June to August. For this reason, the beekeepers in the far north also keep a different honey bee breed than in Central Europe, namely the much more undemanding and very resilient dark bee (Apis mellifera mellifera). It is smaller than a conventional Carnica honey bee and better adapted to the harsh climate conditions.

At times we can offer you arctic honey in the following variants:
  • Arctic Forest Blossom Honey: The apiary is located near the city of Oulu in Northern Finland. It is the largest city in Northern Finland and is best known for being the location of Nokia and the annual air guitar festival. The hinterland is largely forested in summer, the forest floor is covered with a carpet of flowers, which turns the forest into a magnificent paradise. These flowers provide the nectar and pollen for this arctic honey.

  • Arctic Wild Blossom Honey: This blossom honey comes from the river banks of the Kiiminkijoki, a wide river in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia that is well known to fishermen. The secluded area along the river is home to a large number of rare plants, including Siberian primrose, arctic willowherb and eyebright. For the honey bees and many other types of insects, the wild flowers are a welcome source of nectar and the basis for the mild, lovely-flowery wild blossom honey.

  • Cloudberry blossom honey: This extremely rarely offered honey comes from the village of Ranua in southern Lapland. This Nordic berry species does not occur in Austria and Switzerland, nor in southern and central Germany. The cloudberry is best known as a depiction on Finnish 2 euro coins and as an iconic symbol of Lapland. The berry species only reaches a low growth height and the fruits are visually reminiscent of blackberries. The honey itself is light and clear. It is as sweet as blossom honey should be and it quickly crystallizes in the glass.

  • Cranberry blossom honey: This exotic honey comes from an apiary near Sodankylä in central Lapland. Unlike the cloudberry, which is native to meadows, cranberries grow on the forest floor, often sheltered by bushes and trees. Although the forest floor is partially covered with cranberries, the beekeeper cannot count on a bountiful harvest every year. Unfortunately, weather-related total failures are common. The honey itself has the typical coloring of blossom honey. After the harvest, it is clear and liquid, but it quickly crystallizes in the glass.

  • Willowherb blossom honey: For this Nordic honey, the beekeeper drives his bees into the wilderness at Lake Orajärvi. If you look at the area with Google Earth or similar services, you will quickly notice that neither settlements nor transport routes have developed the area. The numerous forest clearings are the ideal breeding ground for fireweed and the bees use the extremely short flowering phase to collect the nectar. This honey is very light and can be described as sweet. It is already cloudy when harvested and will quickly crystallize in the glass.

70 g in a glass á 18.90 EUR; Basic price 100 g = EUR 27.00

Manufacturer: Hanse Honig, Lübeck
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