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Beeswax for cosmetics and candles (natural and snow white)

Ing. Hödl

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Austrian beeswax in the form of small, round wax pastilles. The natural wax has a color from yellow to orange and it comes from pollen collected by the bees and the natural dye carotene. Only filtered and bleached wax has a white color. In our case, white wax is produced with bleaching earth and an activated carbon filter. These aids are removed again during the manufacturing process, leaving 100% pure, snow-white beeswax. The wax is easy to melt on the stove or in the oven and is particularly suitable for the production of creams, cosmetic products, oilcloths, candles, wood and leather polishes. Even small defects on wax jackets and wax-coated tablecloths can be repaired. Chefs also use beeswax to cook fish dishes (*) . And of course the wax is suitable for handicrafts with children (**)

At times we can offer you the following variants:

  • Natural, unfiltered, yellow beeswax from the Hödl wax room in Styria (handicrafts, cooking, furniture and leather care)
  • Snow-white, bleached and filtered beeswax from the Hödl waxworks in Styria (candles, cosmetics and skin creams)

(*) Preparation of fish fillets with beeswax: Thin fillets are required, the type of fish is up to your taste. Melt the wax and place the fish in a small pan or deep soup plate. Now season the fish as you like (salt, pepper, herbs) and pour the hot, melted wax over the fillet until the fish is completely covered with wax. You don't need a stove for this! The wax will now cool down slowly and will solidify after a few minutes. The heat goes from the wax into the fish fillet, cooking it that way. After 7-8 minutes, the solid wax can be pulled off the fish by hand. You may want to season the fish, arrange it nicely and serve it. Bon appetit!

(**) Christmas tree decorations made from beeswax: You will need biscuit molds in various sizes and shapes, which you will fill with melted beeswax. Decorate the still soft wax with fragrant cloves or other decoration. After it has completely cooled, you can poke a hole with a needle and thread a thread through it. If you want, you can also varnish or paint your jewelry at the end. Please note: the wax will melt in the vicinity of an open fire, so do not hang it on the Christmas tree with real candles! Decorative hangings for Easter can be made in the same way.

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