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Bee pollen from the organic farm organic

Biohof Rohrauer

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Dried, organic Austrian flower pollen.

The pollen is also known colloquially as pollen . It arises in plants to enable pollination and fertilization. This requires pollinating insects - such as honey bees - or wind or water, which bring the pollen to female flowers. The collection of pollen by the beekeeper has a long tradition: a pollen trap is set up at the entrance to the hive, from which the bees flying in remove the pollen. The pollen falls into a collection container so that it can be collected, cleaned and dried. There are no more processing steps or ingredients! This naturalness makes pollen a superfood for humans. It is considered a dietary supplement and can be easily dissolved in warm water. It is also often used as an addition to yoghurt, muesli or as a decoration on leaf salads. The taste is slightly sweet and you can notice its floury consistency on the tongue.

100 g pollen in a glass for EUR 8.90 each (the pollen is available with 2 different labels, but the contents are the same)

Manufacturer: Biohof Rohrauer, Burgenland

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