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Buckwheat Honey from Canada

Imkerei Feldt

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Here you will find pure buckwheat honey from Canada. Real buckwheat has become rare in Austria because it is no longer important as a food for people and is often found in the company of weeds that are controlled in agriculture.

Large areas of cultivation can be found in Eastern Europe to Russia and in subarctic areas of Canada. It is often grown there as animal feed. For the beekeeper and his honey bees, buckwheat fields offer a good source of nectar, which the bees like to fly to during the vegetation phase.

Buckwheat honey is very dark and the color ranges from dark brown to almost black. A special feature is that the color of the honey changes to lighter shades of brown after crystallization. Opinions differ when it comes to taste, as the majority of honey lovers avoid buckwheat honey. A minority appreciates and enjoys eating buckwheat honey because it is not sweet, has a malty taste and is also reminiscent of licorice.

500 g buckwheat honey at EUR 13.90 each; Basic price 1 kg = EUR 27.80

Manufacturer: Beekeeping & Bee Products Rüdiger Feldt, Germany

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