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*NEW* Kadulja Med (honey from sage)

Pčelarstvo Veber

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The real sage is called Salvia officinalis in Latin and the name comes from the word Salvus, which means whole or healthy. And it is precisely this healing and health-promoting effect that has been attributed to sage since ancient times. For this reason, sage products are still sought-after remedies today and, particularly in the Mediterranean region, sage is enjoyed as tea and the nectar in sage honey.

Sage has an outstanding position as a medicinal plant, especially in Croatia, and some beekeepers sell sage honey directly to pharmacies. Only a small amount of sage honey is exported and we are very happy that we have found a beekeeping that can supply us with sage honey.

The Veber beekeeper, or Weber in German, is a Croatian migratory beekeeper who migrates to the coast with some of his honey bees and harvests the valuable sage honey in the Dubrovnik area. The family is already active in beekeeping and as beekeepers in the third generation and numerous awards prove the high quality of the honey products.

When cool, sage honey has a firm, slightly crystalline structure. As the temperature increases, the honey becomes pleasantly soft and changes color from golden yellow to amber. Small clouds in the honey reveal that this honey is natural and has not been mixed or stirred. The taste is strong, spicy and very complex to describe. A light lemon note above the sweetness with a little salt and also a little bitter in the finish can be tasted well.

400 g Croatian sage honey at EUR 18.95 each; Basic price 1 kg = EUR 47.38
The sage honey has a minimum shelf life of November 15, 2026

This honey has a label in Croatian. This honey only becomes marketable (i.e. approved for sale) in Austria through additional German-language labels that we have to attach to each honey jar.

Manufacturer: Pčelarstvo Veber, Croatia

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