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Iron Fist Mead without sulphites

Imkerei Piller

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Update 02.05.2024: Jürgen, the mead maker, has brought fresh goods! Eisenfaust mead from southern Burgenland. This tasty mead is special in many ways, because professional beekeeper Jürgen Piller has specialized in brewing honey wine with his bees. His 22 years of experience with bees and mead can be tasted with every sip. This mead is a rare variety that does not require the addition of sulfites or preservatives (unsulfured). The beekeeper uses an old recipe from the 11th century that can be found in the Austrian National Library. The only ingredients he needs are the honey from his bee colonies and water, and he gives the mead enough time to mature. The complete fermentation takes at least 1.5 years and only then can the mead be bottled. This long maturation period also ensures the characteristic amber color and its intensely sweet taste. As an external sign of the handcrafted production, the large 0.75 l bottles of Eisenfaust mead are sealed with real cork.

At times we can offer Iron Fist Mead in the following variants:
  • Eisenfaust-Met 0.5 l with screw cap, 13% vol.alc. as described above, price per bottle = 13.50 EUR / basic price per liter = 27.00 EUR
  • Ironfist mead 0.75 l, corked, 13% vol. alcohol as described above, price per bottle = 16.75 EUR / basic price per liter = 22.33 EUR
Manufacturer: Beekeeping Jürgen Piller, Burgenland

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