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Milos Island honey (rare)

Mouriki Greek Premium Honey

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Fresh delivery from April 9, 2024; Milos honey has a shelf life of at least March 18, 2027.

The Greek beekeeper is particularly proud of this island honey and has designed the packaging in the national colors of Greece. The honey comes from the nomadic Mouriki beekeeping family. The bee wanderers look after 2,500 bee colonies in Greece and commute with their protégés between the mainland and the islands in the Aegean Sea to do pollination work. As a reward, the beekeeper receives top quality honey. Among other things, his honey has received the following awards:
  • The Mediterranean Taste Awards 2022: Gold “Excellent Taste”

The beekeeper recently found a special bee location. He migrates with 200 of his bee colonies to the island of Milos and the neighboring island of Kimolos. Milos is famous as the home of the goddess Aphrodite. In mythology she is responsible for beauty, love and pleasure. The Venus de Milo found on Milos can be viewed in the Louvre in Paris. The vegetation is dominated by saltwater-resistant plants; in addition to the mastic bush, these include lavender, thyme, oregano and heather. These special nectar sources ensure the excellent, strong taste of the honey.

We source this honey directly from Greek beekeepers , without intermediaries. This honey only becomes marketable in Austria (i.e. suitable for sale) through additional German-language labels that we have to attach to every honey jar.

450 g honey jar €14.95 each; Basic price 1 kg = EUR 33.22

    Manufacturer & all rights to the photos reserved: Mourikis Panagiotis, Greece

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