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Katlenburg mead (honey wine)

Katlenburger Kellerei

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Introductory price 8.50 EUR! Classic mead from the Katlenburger winery on the Harz in Lower Saxony. The winery was founded in 1925 as a family business and is now successfully run by the 4th generation. The main products are fruit and honey wines, as well as fermented hot drinks. For this mead, the cellar master only needs 3 ingredients: honey, water and yeast to get the fermentation going. This converts the sugar in honey into alcohol. The honey retains some residual sweetness, which makes this honey wine an ideal dessert wine.

When serving, most mead customers prefer it to be slightly chilled, around cellar temperature (the fridge is too cold!). And in winter, the mead can easily be refined into mulled mead with cinnamon and spices.

0.75 l Katlenburger Met €9.90 each; Basic price per liter = EUR 13.20

10% vol. alcohol, contains sulfites

Manufacturer: Katlenburger Kellerei, Katlenburg-Lindau

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