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*NEW* Pumpkin seed oil from Styria PGI

Steirisches Imkerzentrum

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With pumpkin seed oil , what belongs together grows together: the beekeeper, his bees and the pumpkins. The pumpkin depends on pollination by insects. Of course, you can pollinate the ornamental pumpkin yourself at home using your hand and a brush, but in agriculture only effective pollinators such as wild bees, honey bees and bumblebees can do this.

And so it happens that the Lorber family not only grows pumpkins in the Lower Murtal, but also looks after the pollinators in their own beekeeping. Both their honey and the pumpkin seed oil have already received several awards.

With the pumpkin seed oil offered here, the label is clearly visible on the metal can. Each can is also provided with a control number and sealed. You can see immediately whether the seal has been broken or tampered with. This is important because only genuine Styrian pumpkin seed oil can bear the protected geographical indication (PGI).

The positive properties of pumpkin seed oil were already known in the 18th century and at the behest of Maria Theresa it was not allowed to be used in dishes. The regulation of 1773 regulated the exclusive use in pharmacies, ointments and plasters. Another application later arose in the military as car grease. Today, Styrian pumpkin seed oil is mainly enjoyed in the culinary world, but its use in pharmacy and medicine has remained. This seed oil is labeled as a vegan product and should be enjoyed regularly, preferably daily.

500 ml Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI €14.90 each; Basic price 100 ml = EUR 2.98

Best before date = November 15, 2024

Manufacturer: Lorber family, Styria

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