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Poppy-apricot fruit spread

Waldviertler Mohnhof

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Special price 6.50 EUR! Waldviertler Graupoppy is an Austrian specialty and a protected designation of origin (PDO) of the region in Lower Austria. The Gressl family's poppy farm is located in Ottenschlag, about 110 km from Vienna, nestled in their own poppy fields.

The Gressl family combines their own poppy seeds with apricots from the Wachau region to make their poppy seed and apricot spread. The apricots come from the Kausl family (apricot farm in Mühldorf). The fruit content of the Wachau apricot PDO is 50%. The marriage of poppy seeds and apricots creates a very tasty, fruity spread that the whole family will love. You can see the nutritional table and list of ingredients in the photos.

We also get the fantastic poppy seed honey from the same poppy seed farm. You can also find the product in the webshop.

270 g poppy seed and apricot fruit spread at EUR 7.95 each; basic price 100 g = EUR 2.94

Manufacturer: Waldviertler Mohnhof, Greßl family

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