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Reiki honey from Halkidiki

Mouriki Greek Premium Honey

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Greek heather honey is also known as Reiki beyond borders. This heather honey comes from the nomadic Mouriki beekeeping family. The bee wanderers look after 2,500 bee colonies in Greece and commute with their protégés between the mainland and the islands in the Aegean Sea to do pollination work. As a reward, the beekeeper receives top quality honey. Among other things, his heather honey has won the following prizes and awards:

  • The Mediterranean Taste Awards 2020: Silver
  • Olymp Awards 2020: Platinum

The heathland on the Halkidiki peninsula is one of the preferred bee locations. The bees are brought to Sithonia in the middle of the three headlands in autumn. In addition to the typical heather plants in autumn, this location also offers flowering Arbutus trees. The nectar of Arbutus flowers is delicately bitter and gives the Reiki an interesting, less sweet taste but caramel-like taste.

We source this honey directly from Greek beekeepers , without intermediaries. For this reason, all information on the label is in Greek. This honey only becomes marketable in Austria (i.e. suitable for sale) through additional German-language labels that we have to attach to every honey jar.

The beekeeping writes in an email about their honey:

The Heather I sent you was harvested from Sithonia forest in Halkidiki in November 2022 and in the chemical analysis we made it had 86% of Heather elements in pollen superfood !!!

450 g honey jar €10.95 each; Basic price 1 kg = EUR 24.33

    Manufacturer & all rights to the photos reserved: Mourikis Panagiotis, Greece

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