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*NEW* Honeycomb from the organic beekeeper (natural honeycomb in a frame)

Bio-Imker Böhm

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Here you can find natural honeycombs from organic beekeeper Markus Böhm. He looks after his bees around Wolkersdorf in the Weinviertel . The village is known for its cellar alley and the Dampfross cycle path. In front of the castle, the beekeeper occasionally offers his honey at the farmers' market and there is also a stall at the local Christmas market.

The beekeeper's specialty is natural honeycomb in organically certified quality. He builds small wooden frames measuring 10 x 10 x 4 cm, which the honey bees build independently. There is no middle wall or wires that could serve as a guideline. The honeycombs also look correspondingly irregular and unique. Only when the honeycombs are nicely covered with wax can the beekeeper remove them from the hive.

A portion of natural honeycomb has a weight of 260 g +/- 10% tolerance. Rarely that lower or higher weights are achieved. For this reason, we sell the honeycombs at a fixed unit price of EUR 12.90 each; Basic price 1 kg = EUR 49.62.

The entire honeycomb including beeswax can be chewed and eaten and everything the bees have collected is enclosed in the wax cells. Above all, sweet honey, but also pollen, enzymes, minerals, propolis and beeswax are enjoyed and appreciated by connoisseurs.

Manufacturer: Organic beekeeper Böhm, Lower Austria

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