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Crafting with beeswax

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

We have a great gift idea for Father's Day.

Beeswax can be used to shape modeling clay, which can be used to make great figures, pictures and even jewelry with children.

Crafting with beeswax is child's play because the wax melts quickly and can be shaped wonderfully when soft. Beeswax is also particularly suitable for collages and mixed techniques.

Picture in the Albertina Modern with modeling clay made of beeswax

As an inspiration, you can admire a series of pictures made of modeling clay with beeswax in the world-famous Albertina in Vienna . Three sculptural pictures made with beeswax are on display in the Albertina Modern on Karlsplatz. They can serve as inspiration for your own works.

Series of paintings in the Albertina Modern with beeswax

Crafting with beeswax is also possible for small children, it's fun and stimulates children's imagination . And at the end you have a homemade work, a unique item that you can also give as a gift. Maybe to Dad for next Father's Day, or for other occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

Tip! Welthonig in Vienna has beeswax from Austria. It consists of small, round pastilles and, unlike a wax block, you don't need a knife or tool to portion the wax. Natural, yellow or orange beeswax is usually in stock and pure white beeswax is also often available. The white wax is mainly used for creams and natural cosmetics because it doesn't leave any colored marks on clothing.

Check out our beeswax offer. We will fill it for you after you place your order and then you can pick up the wax directly from the store. If necessary, we can also send it by post.

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