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[eaten] Finally, there's a bonus

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

We are closing the honey shop in downtown Vienna after 7 years, see this post.

But before we go, let's spread some honey among the people. We have therefore emptied our hobbock with organic honey from the Vienna Woods. Bottled and honey bears and honey jars, the honey is now waiting for connoisseurs who appreciate good honey.

You can no longer buy the honey regularly, but for anyone who wants a jar of organic honey, there are 3 ways to get it for free.

  • Order in this online shop what you want and how much you want and give us a tip (a tip) at checkout , then we will add a jar of honey to your order for free
  • Take advantage of the last days of business and if you buy something in the shop with a tip , you will also get a jar of honey for free
  • Especially dear regular customers, who we have seen more often in the shop or as an online orderer in the last 7 years, also receive a glass of free honey with their next purchase

As I said, you can unfortunately no longer buy this delicious honey.

We have filled the following honey jars for you: 250 g, 500 g, 1,000 g and 250 g honey bears for squeezing. We give our free bonus until the last drop of organic honey has gone.

Thank you for shopping at Welthonig in Vienna!