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World Honey Advent Calendar, Door #14

Posted by Siegfried Neubauer on

We open door no. 14 of the World Honey Advent Calendar
In it you will find a special honey, because this honey was fermented into vinegar . In a first fermentation, honey is fermented into mead and then into vinegar. In contrast to products where honey has been added, the aromas of the honey are retained in this vinegar. The beekeeper from Trentino has developed two variants: spruce honey and citrus honey. And because, as is well known, the eye also eats, the honey vinegar comes in a glass bottle with an atomizer. From the outside you cannot tell whether it is expensive perfume or honey vinegar. Your guests will be amazed and you will look forward to a perfect decoration on the dining table!
If you want to win the vinegar duo today, please like us on Facebook or Instagram and tell us which dish you want to refine with this vinegar. We'll draw a winner tomorrow and announce the result here!
And so that we all have something from door no. 14, there is a 10% discount on this honey vinegar today. Please enter discount code "Vinegar4me" at checkout, the discount will be deducted automatically.
Rules of the game: We open a door every day on Insta and FB and behind it there is a prize for participants aged 18 and over, who can either pick up the prize in store (no obligation to buy) or place an online order promptly, so that we can win the prize with the goods can send. Fans in Germany and Switzerland can also play. You are all welcome!
The giveaway is not related to FB, Insta, or any other part of the meta universe! Prizes cannot be paid in cash and legal recourse is final.